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ETP Foundation - Sustainable Development Projects was established on July 6 1995 with the goal to continue and expand the scope of activities of the five-year Environmental Training Project (ETP) for Central and Eastern Europe funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) during the period 1992-1997. Since its establishment, ETP Foundation-Sustainable Development Projects has trained and consulted more than 1000 representatives of the local government, business, non-government sector and university faculty in the area of environmental management and sustainable development. ETP Foundation maintains a partnership network with Bulgarian municipalities, regional government, international and local non-government organisations and donors.

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Krustina Mandova, President

ETP Foundation-Sustainable Development Projects


19 Tsar Assen St., floor 1

1000 Sofia, Bulgaria


Tel/fax: +359-2-980 05 33

Mobile tel: +359-888-219285